Thursday, February 25, 2010

bus ticket ! LOL .

look down here ;

dun ask anything bout tis . i leave u the questions and answers :D

wat is tis ? ; tis is the bus ticket from malacca to terengganu .
fo wat ? ; to take the SPM result on 11mac .
isnt it's too early ? ; yes of course ! bcuz there was a lot of people say 1mac is the result . 5mins after bought tis ticket , the date changed ! oma . i dun kno wat to do =_="

maybe i must stay fo 2weeks at terengganu . and how about my car license ? idk . i must go back to malacca after take the result in hurry . JPJtest  is around the corner. wish me luck fo SPM result and JPJtest (:

pssssst ; telalu semangat , memakan diri jugak ek ? be patient , aenn !


yin yuki said... la..byk sgt spekulasi pasal tarikh result spm ea... wat susah org yg skul jaoh2 an...

how's malacca anyway??..hehe..

ღ αεn ツ said...

ye ! betol touh . HEHE . malacca is oke . never heard any earthquake at there ryte ? HAHA .

the macr said...

gug luck 4 the result oke!!

adyhollowgurlz said...

aen!!!!!windu32x cme kamoo!!!

PaKMaN is PaKMaN said...

xpew.... setiap perkara ada pasang susutnya... erm.... hope happy2 selalu... salam.. slamat tinggal...

-akmal-(",) said...

cian same kamoo..hek2

◕‿◕cik hani zain◕‿◕ said...

good luck for the spm result
doakan hani dpt result yg baik ye?
and hani pun doakan aen dpt result yg cemerlang+gempak..
mga kta sma2 dpt result yg baik untk spm 2009 ni..

ღ αεn ツ said...

naim ; ths deq .
ady ; imy tooooo !
pakman ; wasalam .
hani ; HEEEEEEE ! iyee hanii (: