Monday, March 29, 2010

study AND career .

ouh yes everyone . im just stopping by to write something . something that amazed me . maybe it'll amaze you after you read this entry . it's alright if this entry doesn't make any sense but i love to write this as a story to tell my followers .

the differences between medic and pharmacy . when i heard about this from the lecturer of INSANIAH'S UNIVERSITY , i felt doubtful to choose wether medic or pharmacy . do you know why i wanna choose pharmacy before ? because i thought the major of pharmacy studies more narrower than medic but im absolutely wrong , dear ! it's more wider than medic . why ? because it's need more chemistry studies . for those who excellent in chemistry , no doubt to choose it ! but for me and those who not too excellent in chemistry , please think wisely before make your decision .

and when it's come to the career , i was really shocked . about the salary maybe . pharmacist only got 10% from the doctor's salary . opss . im sorry . im not materialistic . but , if we think about the future , the next generation , the cost for livelihood will be increased 20% from now ! do you want your life to be congested ? do you think about your parents ? of course we want our parents live in luxurious , after they make a lot of sacrifices ! don't you think so , my dearest friends ? maybe work as a pharmacist was easier than a doctor , but , we must get through the harder one before the easier one comes !

err , i don't wanna possess all of you with all my words , but i want all of you think about it more and more . if i have to study in foundation or matriculation . i'll achieve the best pointer to be one of the doctor in MALAYSIA . if , i can't it's okay . at least i try my best . right everyone ?

baeklah . sesi menules dalam englsh telah tamat ye ! zaman sekarang duet tuh penting lah ! terutame ntok orang suke beshopping cam aku , nad n ady | err , nad n ady . selit name sked ! | . HAHA . betol . dah name pon pompuann . sekurang2nye maseh berpade2 dan hanye si akher bulan | mase org dpt gaji XD | . nak smbong blaja kene gune duet snirik . dapat biasiswa belom tentu cukup . kalo yang amek PTPTN ? lagilah ! kene bayar balekkan ? so . kerjaye yang dipilih kene cukup tampung hidop setiap bulan . kan kan ? ade jugak students o yang berkerjaye buad keje len sebagai second incomes . contoh , e-notwrking , MLM , sistem pyramid . atas masengmaseng . sume ade care nak cari duet lebeh . asalkan tak tetipu sudah !

baeklah semua ! chow dlu . saje bercerite ntok pengetahuan semua . and sile alert ye (: kerje dengan kerajaan lebeh baek dari swasta cuz menjamin hari tua | err , tade kaetan sked | . tapi , tuhlah kebenaran . XD . papai semuaa . muahhhhs !

note ; nak shoping :D

Monday, March 15, 2010


heyy followers !

lately , idk what i wanna post at my blog . so , i decided to post an entry about a reunion . attended by 3nur / 5gm ex-students |my batch unly!| . bertempad di KFC batu buruk . telah diadekan pade 5 mac barubaru ini . actually , not all of the ppls join this event . but , bolehla :D

attended by 19 ppls ;


our pics :D

oppss ! we are beautiful :D

kami ade kelebihan masingmasing (:

so sweet !

credits to nana . nice one !

mulemule sampai , da ade orang suh begamba .

im looking for zali . but , tade . dye datang lambad ! afif ta datang . sedeh );

muke ku sengal -___-

enjoy kat pantai .

credits to nadia cuz sudi mhantar and ambek rq kat umah :DD

err , this event ditaje sepenohnye pleh duet masingmasing . HUHU . hope , laen kali reunion neh bejalan dengan lancar . and to guys , takan perempuan na tego dulu koud baru na becakap . the girls , too shy ! btw , i hope we cud meet again sumday . keep in touch and happy always . ouhhh shalan ! congrates fo ur best result , and to your gf . both of 'em got 9a 1b and got the title , best students of SMKC . saluteee :DD *applause*

see ya next time .

p/s ; LEBEST ? bile mau reunion ? but na jumpe BFF unly . HAHAHA . takod i sunyi je mase reunion nanti . paham kan ? (: FATEN , kami na jumpe kao pulak . tapi , tatao bilee . turun ganoo uke ^^