Monday, March 29, 2010

study AND career .

ouh yes everyone . im just stopping by to write something . something that amazed me . maybe it'll amaze you after you read this entry . it's alright if this entry doesn't make any sense but i love to write this as a story to tell my followers .

the differences between medic and pharmacy . when i heard about this from the lecturer of INSANIAH'S UNIVERSITY , i felt doubtful to choose wether medic or pharmacy . do you know why i wanna choose pharmacy before ? because i thought the major of pharmacy studies more narrower than medic but im absolutely wrong , dear ! it's more wider than medic . why ? because it's need more chemistry studies . for those who excellent in chemistry , no doubt to choose it ! but for me and those who not too excellent in chemistry , please think wisely before make your decision .

and when it's come to the career , i was really shocked . about the salary maybe . pharmacist only got 10% from the doctor's salary . opss . im sorry . im not materialistic . but , if we think about the future , the next generation , the cost for livelihood will be increased 20% from now ! do you want your life to be congested ? do you think about your parents ? of course we want our parents live in luxurious , after they make a lot of sacrifices ! don't you think so , my dearest friends ? maybe work as a pharmacist was easier than a doctor , but , we must get through the harder one before the easier one comes !

err , i don't wanna possess all of you with all my words , but i want all of you think about it more and more . if i have to study in foundation or matriculation . i'll achieve the best pointer to be one of the doctor in MALAYSIA . if , i can't it's okay . at least i try my best . right everyone ?

baeklah . sesi menules dalam englsh telah tamat ye ! zaman sekarang duet tuh penting lah ! terutame ntok orang suke beshopping cam aku , nad n ady | err , nad n ady . selit name sked ! | . HAHA . betol . dah name pon pompuann . sekurang2nye maseh berpade2 dan hanye si akher bulan | mase org dpt gaji XD | . nak smbong blaja kene gune duet snirik . dapat biasiswa belom tentu cukup . kalo yang amek PTPTN ? lagilah ! kene bayar balekkan ? so . kerjaye yang dipilih kene cukup tampung hidop setiap bulan . kan kan ? ade jugak students o yang berkerjaye buad keje len sebagai second incomes . contoh , e-notwrking , MLM , sistem pyramid . atas masengmaseng . sume ade care nak cari duet lebeh . asalkan tak tetipu sudah !

baeklah semua ! chow dlu . saje bercerite ntok pengetahuan semua . and sile alert ye (: kerje dengan kerajaan lebeh baek dari swasta cuz menjamin hari tua | err , tade kaetan sked | . tapi , tuhlah kebenaran . XD . papai semuaa . muahhhhs !

note ; nak shoping :D


NaDz said...

HAHAHA . aen2 . tape2 . ltak larr nme owg pom . mmg kaki shhpping neh . HWAHWAHWA . >.<

ღ αεn ツ said...

nadz ; HAHA .tuhlah . dasat tol kite neh :D

adyhollowgurlz said...

tape2 femes ckit septot nyep letak link blog skali....
mmg kaki shopping pown!!!

◕‿◕cik hani zain◕‿◕ said...

aen buat plihan baik2~
mhon mnta Allah tnjukkan apa yg terbaik untk aen..
stiap bdang ade kbaikan msing2
aen try la wat research psl kedua2 bdang ni
apa2 pun hani doakan yg terbaik untuk aen ^^
good luck!

ღ αεn ツ said...

ADY ; wakakakaka . dasat toul ady neh . beselah . pompuan cm kite mmg cmtouh :D

HANI ; huhu . thanks hani (: da wat research . ternyate . ape y org tuh ckp betol . hope hani bejaye jugak :D