Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm a wondergirl, but I'm not :)

Tawar, tak ada rasa.
Kosong, tak ada warna.
Gelap, tak ada cahaya.
Pahit, tak ada madu.
Luka, tak ada doktor ;)

If someone ask me why, or are you okay?

Please, I'm much stronger than you thought. I can DISSOLVE my pain inside my heart.

Don't worry, I used to be like this since I was born :)

Just lend me your shoulder.

Tolong doakan kebahagiaan aku, sebab, InsyaAllah, dalam setiap doa aku, aku akan doakan semua yang mendoakan aku :)

Support me from behind.

Hold my hand when I'm about to fall.

Wipe my tears if I'm crying.

because it meant a lot :)

I know, ALLAH always be with me,

more than anyone else :)


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