Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Takdir. Destiny. Don't deny,

Hei, I got time to blog, I got time you know - in my final week examination. Hari cuti Wilayah esok, untung lah untung lah :P

How are you? What do you feel? Do you feel miserable with your life?


Yeah, I felt miserable when I couldn't get what I want. Stay in depression, do mouth protrusion, lay down in prone position, don't wanna talk with people, and just stay in my-own-terrible-forever-alone-world.

Dululah. Masa diri sangat tak matang lagi.

But then I realized of something when I turned 19 years old. I have to change for good. To a better person, who only take positive things from a problem. Do you think you'll be okay if you're doing things as the red sentence above? Don't you think those will make you go worst? For God sake, I think I was toooo immature, who just think about myself. Dululah.

What kind of problem do you got? Break up with boyfriend/s? Your parents didn't give you I Pad for your birthday present? Or did you failed your exams?

Bernasib baiklah sebab kita cukup makan.

Okay, look around you. What can you see? Yeah, I know, a laptop or a pc in front of you, may provided with webcam. Your cellphone by your side, maybe android, got bluetooth, MMS and your bla bla bla. Do you think your problems are miserable enough? No, I would say no. Strongly deny it! Look how many persons are suffering right now. Palestin? Iran? Can't you see that you're better enough? Yes you can. Right? Of course unless you're too blind too see. Not your eyes, but your heart.

Break up with boyfriend, wanna jump out of the windows, jump into the sea, drunk, take drugs. Fail the examination, wanna quit studying. Didn't get I Pad, gonna hate your parents. For God sake, you're a loser. Boooooo. FACE THE REALITY, GUYS. Tolonglah ye. Or else, go slam your face at the door. Your pain receptor will be stimulated, and send impulse to your brain, and then you will feel the real pain. I repeat, REAL PAIN. Don't waste your tears or lysozyme which is in tears for a month. Cukup lah sehari dua ya.

Destiny guys. Believe in God. He creates you with brains. Most special creatures. Sedar lah ya. Sedar lah. There are a lot biochemical processes in your body. Your depression will disrupt them, especially your immunity system. Trust me. Modify your pain which is in your heart. Heart heart, not liver. Sigh, okay, Qalbu.

A lot of people lost their love one everyday. They still can face the reality and move on - doesn't mean that you're forgetting them, but it shows that you're mature enough. Pray sincerely. He could hear you :) Who will lend a hand when you got problem? Him, God, Allah.

Change yourself for good. Only you can decide what best for you. Kalau bukan kau, siapa lagi?

Til then. See you in February. Wish me best of luck, guys!


Ayah kepada kawan aku meninggal petang tadi. Nadhirah nama course-mate aku tu. Berat untuk hadapi dugaan macam ni masa tengah exam week. Pray for her father and of course for her. Moga Allah berikan dia kekuatan. Nasib baik esok hari cuti wilayah. Ada ruang untuk dia balik dan uruskan jenazah.

See people, thank to Allah, you still have your parents by your side. Most important, alive.


XOXO, Aen.


Zaza Nur Iman said...

terima kasih di atas ucpn td.. :)

utk shbt aen : sama2 kita sdekah alfatihah..

ღ αεn ツ said...

Most welcome. And thanks. Moga dia tabah :)